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Is a one off purchase! Your CarID unit lasts from Kindy through to Year 6!


Gives all teachers a uniform position to locate and read the family name and have the child ready to board


All names become uniformly visible from 20m


It sits below the visor and the window tinting of vehicles so it remains completely legible


It stays attached to the visor in the family car so it’s never missing or lost


It won’t cause damage to car upholstery


It will fit every car visor in every make of car


Retains your privacy when not in use, as it snaps shut as you leave


Is glare resistant


Parents will no longer be holding up a sign whilst driving their car through your school zone


Is affordable – for Whole School orders, simply add $14.95 +GST to each family account to have your school carline become uniformly consistent


Kids can be sure they are getting in the RIGHT car when your personalised car identification is displayed


Can be personalised with your school crest for Whole School orders


Is proudly designed in Australia

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