“Car-IDs are great and make a substantial difference to the running of car-line in the afternoons.

The signs are clear and always in the same spot for the teacher to identify which family car is approaching. It is often very difficult and disruptive if a family does not display a sign or simply holds one up for a second or two.

Using a uniform ID is straightforward and makes life easier for both the teachers and the parents as car line can run so smoothly.

I would love to see a uniform ID made compulsory at all car-line schools! They make our job so much easier!”

Year 6 teacher at Sacred Heart Primary School; Mrs Amy Sherburd


” I love this! No more trying to find my home-made sign in the glove box – or if I have lost it – I no longer slow the afternoon pick up queue down waiting until I am close enough for the teacher to hear me call out the window the names of my kids!”

Sarah, Northbridge, NSW


“My kids love being able to spot our car so easily! And they had a great time choosing an icon each!”

Clare, Hawthorn, Victoria


“I am so excited about this new CarID product! I can’t wait to take it to our school to also use as a Fundraiser. Imagine having a way to make our carline safer AND raise money is just fantastic – really everyone should have one!”

Sophia, Parramatta, NSW


“This has made Kiss & Ride at our school so much easier – and my husband was pleased to see me get the bull clip off the visor upholstery! I love that I can leave it on my visor so I don’t lose it or forget to bring it – but not have to drive around with my name showing”

Pip, Gold Coast, QLD


“I also use my CarID for rugby training pick-up with my older kids – now they easily know which car to head toward after training at the Oval when its too cold for me to get out of the car!”

Rachel, Mosman, NSW








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